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Childhood and youth

Growing up in Berlin-Friedrichshain, I went to the POS Franz-Stenzer for ten years. Even at that time in my blood: an irrepressible desire to read and write, a great curiosity about life. I used my talent in the “Writing Pioneers” circle in the former Pioneer Palace in Wuhlheide with Dr Eva-Maria Kohl. The things I learned from her are still the cornerstones of my creative work today.

By the way: The little sister of “nice” also existed in the GDR. The quatrain I wrote was followed by a long and intense lecture from Dr Kohl about the word “nice”. Since that day (and I was about ten years old) I think about every word. “nice” never came up again – at all.

I would have gone to school for more years or would have liked to study. Journalism or German studies were my favourites. But I was not prepared to become a party member for studies, nor to write socialist-communist influenced articles.

What the reality of artists and media makers in the GDR looked like, I was later able to experience on film from a different perspective in the documentary film “Der Irrgarten” by Heinz Brinkmann https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz_Brinkmann. Actually in scriptwriting, I got a small role in this documentary.

First steps in freelance work

My education as a secretary ended in freelance work as a model for the Berlin hairdresser Michael Umlauf. The birth of my daughter and the fall of the Wall fell in the same year. What followed was a long period of uncertainty. I used the turning point in history to capture the last months of the GDR in photographs.

Professionally, script production for documentary films was on the one hand a wonderful challenge, and on the other hand, the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification foresaw its demise. Film united my two great passions: Photography and writing. But it was foreseeable that the GDR documentary film would be taken out of existence and that I would therefore have to look elsewhere professionally.

Stay abroad and study

Soon I began my self-taught studies in health, esoterics and psychology. Nevertheless, the new, reunified Germany offered me no ground. I was drawn abroad for some time, stranded in Egypt with the proverbial question: What do I do with my new life? Where does the freedom I have gained lead me professionally?

During my stay in Egypt, my second daughter was born.

The answer ended in a two-year correspondence study at the Academy for Holistic Living and Healing in Haan. There I completed additional further training: The seminar leader for autogenic training and an advanced course of the upper level autogenic training.

With my enthusiasm for relaxation methods, I finished my studies with an examination paper “Autogenic Training in Kindergarten Age – Targeted Preparation for Everyday School Life”, which was graded “very good”.

The next stay abroad in Egypt, in turn, was marked by long preparation. Horror and fear followed only a few months after arrival through the Arab Spring. The plan was to have an organic farm with the theme “Green the desert”, for which I was meticulously prepared: How do you make compost under permanently high temperatures to get good soil?

Due to the situation, I had to end the initially successful project and look for the way to Europe again. To finance my living and another move, I started writing in 2011. Which meant: Step by step, starting from scratch again.

Back to the roots: journalism and photography

Self-taught learning runs through my life like a red thread. The start of the magazine began with the first steps towards the CMS WordPress. Including research, article and image design, seo optimisation and long-term concept planning, I hit the ground running again in the midst of the Arab Spring and have been working as a journalist and author ever since.

In 2015, I founded Lifestyle4unique magazine, which was followed by its Italian sister magazine Lifestyle4unique.it in 2018. I also run the portals moebelunddesign.de and seotexte.online.

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