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Depressed or lazy? Lots of paths lead out of the crisis

Not easy times at the moment. The situation can be compared to a funnel: It gets narrower and narrower. With the growing pressure, questions like: Am I depressed or lazy? on. As so often, the solution lies in the middle. And that is exactly where this article is meant to take you. Back to the inner centre to free yourself from depressive moods or laziness. The psyche is a factor that should not be underestimated in terms of health. Close your eyes and go for it!

Am I depressed or lazy? First and foremost, you are a human being!

It is up to you how you see yourself. Human being or patient? Active or passive? Does the current situation feel oppressive? Too quickly we are labelled as patients with a yellow sticky note pressed on our foreheads. „Depression“. But is that really so? There are difficult situations in life. Just climb out! Two things are necessary: One’s own will and physical exercise.

Will and exercise | Getting rid of depressive moods or laziness

Just like getting up in the morning. Movement is the magic word in both cases. Depressive phases are best addressed with light, with running. With steps. And conscious, deep breathing. Close the eyes for a moment and take a deep breath until your lungs are filled with air. Pause. And then gently release the air again through the slightly open mouth. Priceless good moments that are good for the psyche. With which you can get a grip on depressive moods as well as laziness.

Get out into the air, leave the darkness behind you

Running, swimming or cycling have the effect of clearing the mind. Provided you leave heavy thoughts and worries at home for a moment. A walk in the woods helps too. Because not only the movement but also viewing nature helps you to feel better again. Open your senses. Watch the surroundings, smell the forest or listen for bird calls and playing children. And those who don’t like to travel alone can take friends with them or join hiking groups. It is only important to leave serious problems out of the picture. Now is no time to discuss. It’s all about movement and joy.

Living one step every day here and now

Depression and laziness have one thing in common: they want to hide behind society’s expectations. The pressure to be fresh in the office on Monday, getting the kids to study group on Tuesday, sports on Wednesday, then yoga – all these demands leave tracks in your soul. Hardly anyone can cope permanently with this pressure. The result is a deep desire to remain lying on sofa, just being lazy and doing nothing.

However, in order not to fall into laziness or depression, a few steps a day are necessary. Without looking at the plan for tomorrow. Today it is about getting up and walking for ten minutes. In the fresh air, breathing deeply. And no, there is no reward. But a target. Feeling better. Accepting and mastering the challenges of life with every single step. No more and no less. The inner attitude determines well-being and mental balance. “Overcoming the inner bastard” means nothing other than accepting the interrelation between mental and physical health. Always connected with the intention of wanting to live healthily.

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Staying healthy until old age | Photo by Yulia Rozanova from Pexels

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You set the rhythm yourself. On bad days it might only be ten minutes, on good days half an hour. Even though many advisors advocate making a plan, I say: just stick within today and now. Because every agenda item builds up new pressure, which no one needs. Even worse, the self-imposed programme is only “pulled through” half-heartedly, simply to tick it off.

Quite different is the daily moment when you decide to do some walking. Or cycling. Feeling the wind in your hair, maybe a soft drizzle. Feel outside inside yourself. Your heartbeat, the breath, slowly developing beads of sweat. That’s what life feels like! Then, at some point, comes the day. A smile escapes you, because there were times, when it was hard to get up and motivate yourself. The time when the question “Am I depressed or lazy?” can be answered with “Neither!”. We can overcome the challenges of life.

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