Looking for happiness

The happiness, almost every person is looking for it or would like to hold it in his hands. Surprisingly, for happiness belongs to the non-material or visible things in life. Even hard-hitting scientists who want to prove every thesis and for whom the existence of a God is hard to believe, strive for their own happiness. But happiness knows neither religion nor science. Happiness is not a question of wealth or age. Happiness is always.

Has happiness a color or a symbol?

Happiness shows itself in all its facets: singing birds in the garden, a day at the lake or also a call of a long missing man. These are the heart-beating moments which fortunately help us. For the child, the moment of enrollment is a happy memory. Even the first sporting victory always holds a very special moment of happiness. This first time produces a high of feelings, a tingling sensation that goes through the entire body. Suddenly one could forget the whole world and enjoy its happiness. The view of happiness is motivated to overcome even the biggest hurdles. Even the meaning of life is scandalized with faith in happy times.

This high level of emotions hovers us through the day. Life could not be more beautiful! Correct! It also feels like happiness with an invisible connection.

What is happiness?

Happiness and health are two of the few things that can not be paid with money. A smart car can be a tremendous joy, the condo can create a feeling of security – but are these material and affordable things to be compared with happiness? Hardly likely. Being favored can make you happy, but the car itself will only help in the rarest moments to happiness. Not for nothing, there are proverbs like „Money alone does not make you happy.“


But there are other quiet moments. A couple have a breathtaking sunset. Sometimes happiness is shown in only one second. When pairs of eyes meet, each of them suddenly realizes how happy they are to have met. Love does not always play the predominant role. For a souls‘ relationship can carry so much intimacy that such a relationship is felt to be a huge happiness.

Leaving from happiness or getting away with a blue eye?

For who does not know them, these phases, which are characterized by disasters and catastrophes? A car accident follows the burglary in the garden house, in addition, a heavy disk disc prompts the family and the financial budget. One after the other, individual family members seem to have been persecuted by bad luck. Worries, fears and sleepless nights are spreading. The harder it becomes, the more unexpected seems suddenly the happiness.

It is important to strip away such heavy moments and to let go. You do not have to book a short break to leave your everyday life behind and feel your happiness. When one of these moments happens, perhaps happiness blows unhappily at your door.

Looking for happiness | Lifestyle4uniqueIn this sense I wish you a wonderful weekend. Take the time to keep the happiness in your hands.

Yours, Daniela

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