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Pentracor wins Brandenburg 2021 Future Prize

Hennigsdorf (ots)Pentracor wins Brandenburg 2021 Future Prize

Innovative bloodwash therapy effective for covid-19, heart attack and other diseases

The medical technology company Pentracor GmbH from Hennigsdorf wins the Brandenburg Future Prize 2021, the most important business prize in the state of Brandenburg. From 82 applicants and 12 finalists, the jury selected six award winners and one company as a special award winner. The award ceremony took place on 12 November at the Airport Center Berlin Schönefeld. „We are very honoured to receive this award,“ said Dr. Ahmed Sheriff, Managing Director of Pentracor GmbH.

Worldwide unique therapy from Hennigsdorf

Pentracor’s technology saves lives of Corona-infected patients in intensive care units. The blood washing procedure effectively reduces the loss of tissue after heart attacks such as strokes and thus preserves the performance capacity of the people affected. Pentracor CRP apheresis can be an efficient therapeutic aid in other inflammatory diseases of the intestine (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), the pancreas and rheumatoid diseases.

„I can almost no longer imagine intensive care medicine without CRP apheresis,“ says Fabrizio Esposito, MD, the head of intensive care and emergency medicine and cardiologist, at Havelhöhe Hospital in Berlin. He has successfully treated numerous patients with Pentracor’s blood washing process.

„Currently, 16 hospitals from Allgäu in the south to Flensburg in the north, including university hospitals, are using the blood washing procedure with continuously growing success. The tendency for further clinic partners is just as increasing as the sales“,

Dr Sheriff explains.

The Austrian university hospitals of Innsbruck, Salzburg and Graz are currently working on a large-scale study with CRP apheresis after heart attack.

pentracor, brandenburg future prize, business prize, lifestyle magazine

Innovation based on new basic research

Pentracor is the only company in the world that can specifically reduce the amount of CRP in the body. The background to Pentracor’s groundbreaking therapy is a new understanding of the role of the protein CRP, supported by various studies. According to this, in extension of the medical textbook opinion, this protein molecule serves not only as a measure of the severity of an inflammation and to mark inflamed tissue and subsequent removal by the scavenger cells of the no longer viable inflamed cells.

Rather, CRP also functions as a trigger that increases the inflammatory process of various diseases. According to this study, CRP is often involved in the cell death of still viable and healthy cells during inflammatory processes. The problem can be characterised by a greatly increased synthesis of CRP.

The partners of its most important business award in Brandenburg include the six chambers of commerce – IHKs and HwKs – as well as renowned institutions such as Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH. Additionally, companies, banks, employment agencies of the state of Brandenburg and several media partners are among the circle of supporters.

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