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Swiss excursion destinations: Bernina Herbs Express

In 2022, the Rhaetian Railway will once again offer the Bernina Herb Express in Graubünden – a unique excursion into the herb world of Valposchiavo.

Swiss excursion destinations: Bernina Herbs Express
Photo: manuelrupp.com | Credit Rhätische Bahn AG

Vienna/Chur (OTS) – The Bernina Herbs Express takes guests from Chur/Tiefencastel or St. Moritz to Le Prese, where they can immerse themselves in the herbal world of Valposchiavo. During the journey to Le Prese, passengers can get in the mood for the aforementioned herbal world with an organic herbal tea and at the same time experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the RhB up close.

The offer in Le Prese includes a 100% Valposchiavo lunch at the Raselli Sporthotel and a guided tour of the herb fields and production facility of the Raselli Erboristeria Biologica. The journey can be continued in the afternoon or the following day with the Bernina Express or individually with the regional trains. The offer is bookable for single travellers every Friday from 10 June to 28 October 2022. The Bernina Herbs Express is now also available for groups (min. 5 people) from Thursday to Saturday.

Bernina Express – From the glaciers to the palm trees

Up high to the glitter of the glaciers and down again to the palm trees – a journey on the Bernina Express is a unique experience. The Rhaetian Railway’s parade train not only connects the north and the south: as a red thread, the train winds its way through the three language regions of Graubünden all the way to Italy and makes the unique encounter of nature and culture in the Albula/Bernina landscape directly tangible – UNESCO World Heritage included. 55 tunnels, 196 bridges and gradients of up to 70 per thousand are mastered by the panorama train with ease and without a cogwheel: wildly romantic valleys, fascinating glacier worlds and a touch of Italianità – everything is included in this multifaceted journey in a class of its own.

Valposchiavo – Lastingly impressive

Behind the seven mountains, in the south-eastern corner of Graubünden, away from the big tourist crowds, lies Valposchiavo hidden away. Only 25 km as the crow flies separate the glaciers of the Bernina massif from the palm trees at the end of the valley near Campocologno. Sustainability is a top priority in Valposchiavo: Over 90% of the agricultural area is cultivated and maintained by Bio-Suisse-certified farms. The local agricultural products are largely processed on site: Milk, meat, cereals, herbs, fruit and berries are processed in the valley into cheese, sausages, pasta, tea, fruit juices and jams.

To ensure that these first-class products find their way onto the plates of guests, 13 restaurants have joined forces and signed the “Charter 100% Valposchiavo”. In doing so, they commit to giving local specialities a very special place on their menus. What could be better than enjoying good things where they come from!

Contributing photo: Marcus Gyger | Fotocredit Switzerland Tourism / Marcus Gyger