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Sean Connery |My name is Bond, James Bond!

Now he has also gone, the eternal James Bond: Sean Connery
Let us bow before the man who was born with elegance. To a character actor who has managed never to appear aggressive. To an actor who has made film history. As the first, only and true James Bond. When it comes to this role, he could hold his own. 

Who looks so unspeakably good in every decade of life?

It is probably especially the 35+ generation that grew up with Sean Connery. Both girls and boys adored him. Probably at least one generation of boys wanted to be just like Sean Connery or even like James Bond. As a woman, I must confess: Sean Connery has shaped my image of men. Fascinated by his films from an early age, his movements, his (really breathtaking) look and charisma have always remained in my memory.

Looking back over the decades, it becomes clear how great the part of his character must have been that was captured in every meter of film. Many boys secretly clung to the elegant Sean and this elegance has remained until today. Sean Connery has left his mark on more than just one generation with his really good looks. Therefore it is not surprising that he was not only called „Sexiest Man Alive“ but also – and this at the age of 69! – was elected „Sexiest Man of the Century“. Beauty comes from within, and that’s where it stays, for a lifetime.

Men like a rock in the surf

Sean Connery was in a class of his own and this image of him will remain. Like a rock in the surf – a characteristic that is so typical of this group of actors alongside Sean Connery: Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Charles Bronson, Roger Moore. Just men. Strong and protective, vain, combative and brave. Does it take more to be a man? Seen from the present they seem like the eternal heroes.

Born as a Scot, he loved his homeland Scotland. His veneration for the north of Britain becomes particularly clear when one looks at the honours he received. It was not the knightly accolade of Queen Elizabeth II’s „Knight Bachelor“, but the „Freedom of the City“ award from his home city of Edinburgh, which he considered the highest honour.

Now he has gone. Rest gentle, most beautiful of men, hero, knight and eternal James Bond – Sean Connery. I bow to a great man who, with his death on 31 October 2020, will become an immortal legend.

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