Bye Niki, it's great you came!

Bye Niki, it’s great you came!

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It is one of those really sad days. Niki Lauda passed away yesterday and that makes me sentimental. All day long I think of two Matchbox cars I got as a little girl. I loved them both – a yellow and metal blue Formula One racing car with a pointed „snout“. I would say they led me imperceptibly to Formula 1. Even though it took a few years, there was a moment of fascination.

I was also too young to experience Niki Lauda’s accident or to remember it today. Nevertheless, I know that the serious accidents of Formula 1 history led to the improvement of the drivers‘ cockpits. One who is almost burnt to death and is back in the car after a short time must be crazy. Yes, because …

World champions are carved from special wood

Life is a race track. You have to bite your way through everything. And that’s exactly what he did. Niki Lauda loved Formula 1 in his very own way. He was not only an extraordinary driver, but also a special person. I liked his scratchy nature – because he was honest. He criticized when criticism was necessary and praised for good performance. He did not let himself be deceived, proverbially stood his man. There are few people with this straightforwardness. Hat off, no cap off Niki. And already the tears run to me again, because I will miss him, even if I did not know him. Such emotions leave heroes behind.

I only suspect darkly what Vettel means when he is proud and happy to have learned from Niki Lauda. My knowledge is not enough to talk about the Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda now. I like to leave this honour to the sport magazines. But as the editor of a lifestyle magazine, I see first and foremost the person behind the racing driver. And he was simply great! A character with corners and edges. Down-to-earth, conscious and grateful.

The obituary is created from this perspective

He gave up the flourishes of „how to be“ and lived the old school. Respect, passion, courage. Falling down and getting up. Loving life, enjoying it, every moment. Honestly. We need more of these people who tell the truth straight away, who go their way with diligence and ambition. There is nothing more to say. My heartfelt condolences go to his family, to whom I wish much strength to get through this phase.

Thank you Niki

Rest in peace

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