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Sangiovese - Traube aus Umbrien
Image wineyard: Cantina Di Filippo

At the latest with 40+, every gourmet likes good wine. And while many looks at the German wine route, wines from South Tyrol, France or Tuscany, a small wine country is hardly seen: I present you excellent Italian wines from Umbria. Today, we use the possibility to get to know excellent wines from Wine yard Cantina di Filippo. The special thing about this winery its about about biological wines, even more biologically dynamic wines and even vegan wines. Attributes that also allow gourmets to stop at an international level, because more than just wine is produced here.

Cantina di Filippo | A whole life for Italian wines

Every drop of Grecchetto or Montefalco Rosso is the passion of Roberto Di Filippo and his family. And precisely this passion fascinates. The people here do not jump on a train called the trend. They live their love for the region and intelligently combine traditional with modern standards such as organically grown products. In the case of Cantina di Filippo, it is the biological-dynamic cultivation culture that existed in this form in the Roman era. What is meant is the use of natural resources, which can lead to the visitor sometimes watching the use of horses or geese.

The horse between the vines: Biologically dynamic wines

Di Filippo arbeitet mit Pferden
Bio-dynamic methods for better results Image: Cantina Di Filippo

What traditionally means to work on a winery is clear when the in-house horses and geese come into play. Roberto decided several years ago not only to cultivate its vines not only biologically, but also to spoil the vines also a bio-dynamic cultivation. Man, nature and animal find themselves together at the end of a long process. And since every one loves his work here, nothing was more appropriate than to replace machines by animals.

Yes, everything is modernized. But on the Cantina di Filippo the horses traversing the ranks were replaced by horses. While the heavy tires of a tractor destroy the ground climate, the hooves of the horses massage the so-called ground and counteract the undesirable soil compaction. At the same time, they ensure a natural bio-climate and improve air and water circulation in the soil. The vines and grapes are of course beneficial. And one thing is for sure: a wine like the Villa Conversino is characterized not only by freshness, but also by tasteful purity.

Italian wines from Umbria | Strong and powerful

The wines are then stored in barrique barrels of French and Hungarian origin, which are still very young compared to about five years. In addition, these wine barrels were previously filled only with wine and not with a good whiskey. It is common practice to use old and used barrels in the production of wines. The smell of long-standing spirits, combined with good oak, produces the character of red wines.
Almost more fascinating were the large cement tanks in the cellar Cantina Di Filippo. The 40 year old tanks have more stable temperature conditions, but they influence the wine taste less than the classic wooden barrel.

One step further → vegan wines from Italy

Cantina Di Filippo, Weinreifung
Cantina di Filippo in Umbria Photo: Daniela Shams

Roberto Filippo has achieved another success with its biologically dynamic cultivation method. Its wines are vegan wines because they are processed exclusively with vegetarian proteins during the production process. Interesting for anyone who is looking for vegan wine. In the end, the Vegan community is growing all the time.

Also important: the wines of the Di Filippo wine cellars contain no sulfates. Here the circle of biodynamic wine cultivation follows again. The oxidation, which is to be prevented with sulfates, is prevented by a special constitution. The fact that a few aromas are lost, Roberto accepts.

How we got to know the almost vanished grape variety Cornetta

Since we were allowed to attend the wine tasting, we can only talk about an exclusive taste experience! As a biologically dynamically cultivated wine the white and red wines hardly differ from, for example, good Tuscan wines. On the contrary, in our opinion, they are very high on the taste scale. Colour, bouquet and taste are finely coordinated. The tried and tested white wines are excellent as an aperitif, the Montefalco Rosso Sallustio is the right companion for meat and ham. If you do not know Italian Passito, you should not miss this sweet dessert wine. For the Vernaccia di Cannara the almost forgotten grape variety Cornetta is used.

If you are planning holiday in Umbria in the summer, you might even be lucky enough to watch the geese. They have the task to clean the vineyards. About 60 geese run freely and feed on the plants that grow between the rows of vines. This concept, developed by the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, showed that even the flesh of the geese is far more tasty, has an ideal fatty acid content and the essential omega-3 and omega-6 acids.

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