Get to know Wine grower – Inhouse fair Mair Sterzing

Mair Mair Sterzing

To get to know vintager, testing rewarded wines – a markable weekend with lots of wonderful impressions at the inhouse fair Mair in Sterzing/Vipiteno.

As an author the most different subjects lie before me about which I write. I love exactly this variety in my work; it is different, I can formulate a lot from my learnt knowledge and learn furthermore. Exactly this openness introduced a new order in me few weeks ago: Write about vineyards in Italy. By no means an easy subject, technical terms are asked here. With a look at the web page I discovered the next event: The house fair of Mair in Sterzing. What could pass to me the better to get to know personally winegrower and wines! On in a new adventure.

My first visit in South Tirol

Wonderful Trentino © Daniela Shams

Already during the journey by the train my vocabulary went cloudy visibly: Oh God this is nice! The mountains, covered from conifers and broad-leaved trees. Small spots of colour from radiant yellow about gentle green up to dark nuances, I am detail-loving. They are especially amusing for me like cotton to the looking clouds which hang between or in the mountains.

Almost I would love to grap into and remember the sweet taste of candy floss. And for somebody who has lived the last years in the desert was surrounded every single day by golden sandy colours and a radiating sky-blue, the white occupied summit are also a colour splendour in the midst of found scenery. And at the latest with the climbing out from the train it was quite sure to me. I have landed in a picture book, and immediately I whip the following side. . .

House fair Mair in Sterzing

Italian Wine at Sterzing, Mair Shop

Winegrowers are quite their own characters and it must be fine. How else should a such taste variety develop under the noble drop if not every viticulturist with another idea plants his vine stocks? Every now and then they go quite own ways and rebel against traditions. One of them is Manni Nössing which is valid as especially unconventional. 

As a creative person whom I am myself these traits are very known to me too, and I forgive him that he was not present personally on the house fair with Mair in Sterzing, even if I would have got to know him too with pleasure. I search the connection between the person and his vine stock. He has an idea of a wine and I find it more than thrilling to touch this connection. Even if Nössing is valid as the „God for the Kerner“, his Sylvaner has clearly touched my taste nerves. Wonderfully when a small arises from me “Wow”, and then a smile, at the moment if the wine develops in the mouth.

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