Part 2: Meeting the king of Italian wines: Barolo

Barolo, König italienischer Weine
Barolo, König der Weine Foto:

In the course of my written texts about vineyards I had understood: The Barolo belongs to the small kings of the Italian red wines and I burnt to be allowed to cost him, finally.

La Strada Barolo and how I drank with Lorenzo deep red wine with relish

I was far from disappointed, on the contrary, as the day progresses I found out that of the Barolo and Barbera of the vineyard Olivero Mario developed to my personal favorites. It was not least already the web page and also present Lorenzo who impressed Lorenzo Oliverome deeply. With an endless patience he explained me about these remarkably drops and also his development. Sympatico! Here she is, the connection of human to human, from the person to the wine and a lifestyle which makes wine to every enthusiast accessible. It will be with certainty one of the first vineyards which I will visit in the spring. Thanks Lorenzo for these wonderful moments!

Good wines for every change purse!

Some years ago still it was mostly given to customer with bulging full purse to shop excluding wines. In the course of a self-confident and modern lifestyle this has changed thank God. Today also really good wines are already to be had from 10 euros. The winegrowers also contribute a large part to the fact that interested customers can afford good wines. For the Italian space I can say that most from them accept for a prominent quality of even low yields. While modern enterprises are anxious constantly of growing production figures, the winegrowers are realised in her wines and produce less bottles. Quite small vineyards with only 3 or 4 hectares can offer only approx. 6000 bottles to her audience thus, the vine stocks carefully well-chosen and with love cultivated, – the qualities which apply of course also to all the other winegrowers. The manual labour comes first with most from them. And because I also estimate the care of good traditions, I can understand these production ways very well. With pleasure I would co-operate next year on the vintage.

The lake Garda with the elixir of life – Vini Bulgarini

Vini Bulgarini
Vini Bulgarini, excellent prosecco Foto:, the online magazine of generation 35+

And of course, from time to time I love rosé wines, even if the wine connoisseur prefers the various red grape. How the life plays in such a way, as a woman I drink with pleasure a glass of wine completely after my mood. The Vini Bulgarini tickles out the femininity of myself. For me a mood wine if sunrays touch my nose or I am in flirting mood. Already the bottle, the label and the small pamphlet move myself sending into raptures. Stamped, fine golden lines glide about the paper … Yes, I can be enticed with pleasure by such small details. And exactly here meets lifestyle 4 unique and characters of winegrowers – just as it should be. Thanks Rosana, the lady presented Vini Bulgarini, for a few wonderful moments at the house fair Mair.


Eyes closed and pure joy – The Rubus of the Santer’s court enchants me
Urban Gasser
Wine from Sanderhof, excellent! Foto:

The fourth vineyard which has surprised me with small area under cultivation, however, to an incredibly fruity wine was a Santer court. In contrast to the historical and heavy Barolos a light weight under the wines. Forest berries and femininely it came up immediately to my senses with the first gulp. With only a few thousand bottles of annual production it will become a little laborious for me to get of one, two bottles for me. And again I have being fascinated of the down-to-earthness and friendliness of Urban Gasser, the son of the winegrower Wilhelm Gasser. The historical winegrowers say: „The vine searches the ground for itself“, I say: „The wine choose the winegrower for itself. “ With respect I await the production of Robustus or Primus, because who positions himself in spite of low production figures to the strict criteria of a bio-certification, offers with certainty a high-class wine. Also a hearty thank-you to Urban Gasser of the Santer’s court, I am already glad to be allowed to get to know your small vineyard!

With impressions and pictures I look back, above all and in particular also a thank-you to Matthias Mair and kind regards to the family!

Where do the most delightful small olives which I have discovered on the house fair Mair in Sterzing come from? In the part 3 of my impressions it goes on. And why the putative lactose intolerance not always is that for which we hold them, I describe in the text „When cows blow up …“.